Why Is The Process Of Credit Assessment PSX So Fast?

We have written about PSX’s online personal credit product and its potential. In this article we want to tell you the reasons why this process is so fast.

Recapping …

PSX Credit is a personal credit that stands as very simple and fast. The whole process is digital and the brand intends to grant a credit almost immediately. Thus, you can have credit up to € 5,000 with a very low level of commissions.

Why is analyzing so fast?

What is Possible to Do in Credit Renegotiation?

BBZ Bank (the institution that owns the PSX brand) has focused its strategy on using the latest financial technologies in order to gain speed, while maintaining security, in the lending process. To do this, it uses an automatic system of data capture of its homebanking , the screen scapping system, made available by an international reference technology partner, Kontomatik .

How does the automatic data capture system or screen scrappinp of PSX Credit work?

In general, such a process involves:

  1. Provide access data to your homebanking ;
  2. The service accesses your homebanking as if it were you;
  3. Thus you have access to all the information that is available on that portal, namely your personal data, the value of your salary, payments and consumption habits, your assets and your credits.

As you may have noticed, there is always a very high risk when we give someone access to our bank details. Since then, this entity has access to a very extensive set of information that completely invades our privacy.

To fill these fears, in PSX, this concrete process guarantees:

  • The authorization to a unique consultation of its homebanking , during 1 second and without saving information of accesses;
  • Collect bank statement information automatically and only this information.

In this way, reading all the information that the brand needs to determine the credit profile of its potential customer, assumes an automatic character and becomes faster.

Why rely on this process?

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The whole process has the quality certification of a technological partner of reference, plus the trust in a solid financial institution. Something also important is the reliability of the information collected. Thus, it is guaranteed that the analysis of credit risk is efficient and effective which allows to increase the likelihood of correctness of the risk analysis. In practice, all parties involved come out to gain from a process of quality risk analysis.

David Davis