Savings with used goods?

In recent years, smaller Danish companies have received criticism for their work as a subcontractor. Technically, there is nothing negative about the role of subcontractor, but companies should rather step out of the submissive mindset and instead focus on the value they bring to their partners.

Savings with used goods

One of these companies comes from Small Lender and lives among other things by offering used trucks for sale. The company supplies other operators with used forklifts with which their customers – who are small and medium-sized businesses – do not have the same entry barriers when buying equipment for daily operations. The used goods give companies enormous savings while solving their needs right now.

The trend is not new, as it has been established for years in, among other things, agriculture. Think of the many Danish machine stations that for generations have made it possible for farmers to find the right machine without having to pay a million dollars.

The same concept applies when particularly small and medium-sized businesses have to invest in new equipment. Where some items such as computer equipment has a quick expiration date, has a more simple product – such as Trucks, agricultural machinery and the like – a much longer shelf life.

Leasing also wins

Leasing also wins

It is not just the used exchange that is about to establish itself as a saving place to buy goods. Every day, the used exchange will entail some form of risk if shorter warranty periods are issued on the B2B sale. For the same reason, leasing is also taking big market parts – not just on production equipment, but also on modern electronics and more advanced solutions.

Leasing agreements are known for their high availability for even smaller businessmen who, for a fixed monthly amount, can lease the right machine. Again, this is a solution without a large entry barrier in the form of high start-up costs, as the lease is subscSmall Lenderd to a fixed contract, so the company knows all the expenses and easily recognizes them in their operating budgets.

Both methods can prove to be ideal solutions for those businesses that have an immediate need, but less capital. The overall value offered to businesses is hugely attractive, so the role of subcontractor should be overridden and replaced with a clearer focus on the value of business across the country.

David Davis